In the North

I pray
for a river
in which to
go down
and pray.

Where God
bubbles their voice
from the brook,
in a cadence
I can know

and sway to,
back and forth.
I weep
that I can't hear it.
And struggle

to lay motionless
in my weeping,
my wife softly
asleep beside me.
What wisdom this is!

(Or is it pain?)
I don't know.
Jarrell could tell
the difference.
I can only sing

like a siren
Her quiet breathing,
my only anchor
in the dark.

Extraordinary life of Italian man found dead in London canal

Weeks before he died, Sebastiano Magnanini excitedly messaged his friends in London. He was coming “back to Blighty”, he announced, and planning to embark on a journalism career. “Hey dude. Whassup. Gonna be back soon!!! Tell me, where is a good course for writing journalism? Let me know. Ciaooo,” he texted a former flatmate.

After all, he had plenty of stories to tell: from being jailed in his 20s for stealing a £1m painting, to his nomadic lifestyle as a tour guide in Cambodia, carpenter in south London and roadie for Prince – Magnanini had done it all. Seba, as he was known to his friends, lived several lifetimes in his 46 years.

It all came to an abrupt end on 24 September. A man and his seven-year-old child found the Italian’s body floating in a quiet stretch of Regent’s Canal in north London. His heavily tattooed corpse had been bound to a shopping trolley and dumped in the water, curled in the foetal position.

The world is full of stories you've never heard.